Product #29264734

Enrich mononuclear cell fractions of apheresis product, bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood via a density gradient medium in combination with the Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing System. Process an initial volume between 30 and 120 mL and select a final volume down to 8 mL.

Key features

Initial volume 30 to 120 mL
Selectable final volume 8 to 20 mL, or 45 mL
Processing time ~ 1h15 minutes
MNC recovery > 52%
RBC depletion > 99%


Step Details
1 Prepare a single-use kit with density gradient medium (via microbial filter), washing solution, and a syringe for collecting the final product (if applicable)
2 Connect initial product to the kit.
3 Install the kit on the Sepax C-Pro.
4 The Sepax C-Pro automatically performs the procedure including:
 • Priming
 • Washing
5 Collect purified mononuclear cells from the final product bag or via a syringe.

Protocol information

NeatCell C-Pro protocol software is integral to our Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing System. It allows for an automatic, reproducible, and user-independent procedure. Only for use with compatible Sepax C-Pro equipment.

Compatible equipment

Sepax C-Pro (#29264741)

Kits: CT-90.1 (#29264740)

Packaging information

One box for each protocol, including a USB key with the protocol installed and a user installation guide.